The 3D pen is relatively the latest piece of technology that uses plastic filaments to create 3D pictures. Artists all over the world are trying their hands on these pens and getting amazing results. These pens have the shape of a regular pen and are used like one too.

How does a 3D pen work:

A 3D pen works when a plastic filament is inserted inside it and some heating technology warms it up into liquid, it then can be used on all sorts of surfaces from paper to card boards and so on. You must be familiar with a glue gun and how it works, a 3D pen also works like such. The 3D pen works on multiple color plastic filaments making your images realistic and colorful.

A 3D pen is an exceptional gadget, it works great with multi-dimensional figures. Whether you are an artist, engineer, designer or simply someone who loves to create images, this one is for you!
The market for the 3D pen is attracting customers rapidly, also getting quite saturated as many manufacturers are selling their produce in the market. Although, for the buyer choosing the right pen might be a difficult choice, for this reason, let us cover few best 3D pens available in the market. This review will help you select the right for best usage.

Best 3D pens on market:

Although, the market has a huge variety of 3D pens for customers yet the ones we found best are few. Let us get into detail regarding each:

Lix 3D Smart Pen:

This one is our first choice. Claiming to be the smallest and smartest 3D it took the market by storm. Critics and customers all over the world get awestruck when they use this one. The pen looks like a gel pen, really smart and compact.
This pen weighs around 40grms that are considerably light, comes powered by a USB cable, making its charging and heating easy. Also compatible with power bank, completely hassles free. We examined the pen in all conditions and tried to find its flaws but couldn’t see any, honestly its super cool gadget.


  • Lightweight, easy to use and handle.
  • Stylish
  • Easily heated
  • Great ability to handle plastic filaments.
  • Cools down plastic quickly.
  • Works nicely on all surfaces.
  • Can be heated easily.


  • We couldn’t find any flaws in this one other than that it’s quite expensive.

3dSimo Mini:

3DSimo is the only pen that comes with different modules and can be used for multipurpose. This pen also has its own mobile app making its use easy. The pen is only available to customers who pre-order it via company’s website. This pen comes equipped with attachments for to make this pen multipurpose machine for cutting foam, soldering, can be turned into a lighter and also a 3D pen for drawing images.


  • The pen could be used for cutting, burning and soldering.
  • Can be used on different surfaces, including metal and wood
  • It comes with all operating systems mobile app; windows, Android and iOS. The app helps control its functionality.
  • Revolutionary pen with amazing features.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Budget friendly, a great value for money.


  • While the pen has innovative features, it is complicated for beginners to use.
    The design still needs some improvements to become the best pen.

Scribbler 3D Printing PEN V3:

The pen has been in the market for some time now and has a huge customer base. It has been the top selling smart 3d pen. The pen has been under constant improvement phrase thus, has the best quality and perfect ergonomics. This cool pen comes in 8 different colors so you have a variety to choose from, but not to worry you can use various color filaments in it as per requirement of your art.


  • The pen is light and the easiest to use.
  • This pen has the least hassle.
  • Can be used on different surfaces.
  • Comes with a LED screen to help in functioning.


  • It is light weight but a bit wide which might be an issue with some artist, yet the cons are not much considerable.

7TECH 3D printing Pen:-

The manufacturers focus while making this pen was to make it’s functionality easy. The pen operates in a silent mode, has a LED screen showing operations it is doing. The pen has several features such as thermal control and when the filament needs to be changed or when it get stuck. These are shown on LED screen. The 7tech pen also lets you control the speed of plastic filament extrusion, amazing features.

While the pen is well built, it still has its flaws. The pen can get extremely hot if used for a long period of time. It gets high to an extent that can burn user skin. Though, when used for smaller periods it is remarkable.


  • Easy to use for all, be it beginners or veterans.
  • Lightweight and slim with LED indicator
    Multi function.
  • Comes with a spatula to protect skin
  • Comes with a LED screen to help in functioning.
  • The company gives one year warranty to new buyers.


  • When used for long, it gets unbearably hot
    In the package, filaments are less.

lay3r 3d printing pen:

This 3D pen is best for kids. Quiet wide in appearance yet surprisingly light weight. Don’t mistake this one for kids only, but what we mean to say here is that it is so easy to use that even a kid can use it with ease. Also, it can work fine for experienced artists that want to make 3D images.

The manufacturers are quite smart and they have learned from the lacking of its competitor products. This pen has an inbuilt fan that cools the pen automatically once it gets hot. See how cool this is, means the user can use it for long periods without the gadget getting hot.

The one negativity we found in this one is its wide design, yet it can be justified considering it has a fan inside.


  • Easy to operate
  • Various features
  • Come with a year warranty
  • Fan inbuilt is a cherry on cake addition
  • Superb quality.
  • Comes with multiple filaments


  • It’s wide design.

GENESIS 3D printing pen:

The manufacturers of this particular pen are highly successful in 3D printers field, Lasso Labs is the genius company behind this brilliant 3D pen. Genesis 3D pen is a classic pen, intelligently designed and elegant in design. It isn’t a small pen but works just fine as compared to the other pens in the market. This pen comes in a variety of different colors.

As for the functionality, it is smooth, works nicely. The filaments don’t stick nor do the pen gets heated up which is a plus point, as these such pens do get hot. It is a simple pen which comes with separate and in boxed filaments. We are impressed with this one!


  • User-friendly, requires minimum skills to use
  • Different plastic filaments can be used in it
  • Great quality
  • Company gives warranty and after sales services
  • Portable and light.
  • Comes with multiple filaments


  • This one is suitable for small, less complicated projects.

3Doodler 3D printing pen:

This one in our list is by far the most pretty looking 3D pen, functions nicely and effectively on all kinds of surface. Now the best part of this pen is that it comes equipped with 50 different plastic filaments saving you big money if you use this pen regularly. As for the cost is concerned, this pen is above $100 but honestly, gives the money back value.

The pen works perfectly on all kinds of surfaces, the working is smooth. The filaments don’t get clogged and the extrusion is smooth. Fortunately, the pen has remarkable ability to keep its temperature under control making it perfect for small and large projects.


  • Unique design. Sleek and stylish
  • Great built in quality
  • Comes with many plastic filaments
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t heat up
  • Works fine on all surfaces
  • Great choice for artists with experience in 3D pens usage


  • Not easy to use for newbies.

CreoPop 3D printing pen:

CreoPop cordless 3D printing pen is a remarkable piece of technology that we have been saving up to discuss in the end. It works like the other 3D pens but what gives it individuality is its wireless usage portability. This pen doesn’t need heat to melt the plastic filament instead it uses photopolymers that get to liquefy when coming in contact with LED diodes. It needs no power supply, no heat and hot plastic making it super safe to use for all age groups.
As for the ink it uses, it doesn’t have any flaws in usage and gives results just as normal plastic filaments. This pen is fancy, portable and a relatively new piece of technology. It uses its own special ink and not easily available plastic filaments.


  • Innovative latest technology
  • The ink it uses is pleasant smelling
  • Can create realistic and prettier images as compared to plastic filament images


  • Has a bulky design.
  • The ink it uses is expensive and not easily available.

User guide:

3D technology might seem to be difficult to use but luckily with the advancement in technology and knowledge, it is used just like other household gadgets. It is fun to use and can give multi-tasking benefit. One can make work related images to piece of art and also decoration items for home use. Thus, a 3D pen has many uses.
As compared to normal pens which allow the user to draw images on horizontal surfaces and needs the expertise to create exceptional artwork, this pen can make life easier as the images made with them are realistic, beautiful and eye catching. The user can draw in air making 3D taking the world by storm. We recommend a 3D pen to all who love art.
When buying a 3D pen always consider the use you want it for, if you want it for large projects opt for the ones that don’t heat up and are in the budget. See company credential and user reviews. It is better to buy a 3D pen that uses regular plastic filaments as they are easy to get and affordable, but still, it is all about personal choice and needs.
A 3D pen is an adequate choice if you can justify its purchase with your use. We are pleased with this piece of technology!


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