The manly looks are never complete without the art of shaving!

Electric Shavers have now become an accessory gear or rather a contemporary gadget to adopt the most dashing style that suits your personality. If you are a getting ready until the last minute soul and you are always in a rush, you definitely need to have an electric shaver for your college bag, office briefcase or for your traveler’s bag more importantly. They offer the real convenience in our high-paced modern lifestyle. These electric shavers are fast, easy and symbolically a luxury to considering their cost effectiveness.

Buyers’ Guide- Top 5 Finest Electric shavers

When introduced to the public, the electric shavers were a bit irritating and rough. Several innovative attempts have been made to bring sophistication and improvement in this exceptional shaving tool. Now, you can always enjoy smoother, neater and closer shave in no time. Depending upon the sensitivity of your skin, you can always choose a dry or a wet shaver. Wet shaver requires you to apply lotion to make foam. Electric shavers run on your skin very smoothly giving you the closest blade as you can always expect from traditional blade razors. Trimming of a beard or of unwanted hair is accomplished by applying any of the two more popular modes including rotary blades or foil shaver. Previously shavers never rotate and come with a set head. Now rotary or spinning shavers are a reality and they are the best when you avoid shaving every day. They remove thick and hard hair growth after a gap of fewer days with an incredible efficiency. The foil blade is actually covered with a metallic covering, making it gentler and neater altogether on the facial skin. The skin gets supple with foil shavers. If you love to shave every day and if you aspire for the perfect finish of your glowing chin and cheeks, foil shaver will prove more fruitful for you. Many highly reputable shaving brands offer the money back guarantee, realizing the sensitivity and suitability issue of your skin concerns with the type or kind of the electric shaver brand. In this buying guide review, we have suggested you the style, efficiency, and feasibility of the top 10 more popular brands of electric shavers. You can have the smartest idea for making your final choice. If you are a female and you wanted to give electric shaver as a gift to any of your male friend or family member this time, then our review will give a bird’s eye view of the features and mechanism of the electric shaver. So, let’s explore together our selection of top brand shavers.

Shaver Name Weight Wet/Dry Nature
Braun Series 7 790cc 200 grams No Foil
Braun Series 9 9095cc 225 grams Yes Foil
Panasonic Arc 5 (Editor’s Choice) 180 grams Yes Foil
Philips Norelco Senso Touch 3D D 1 pound Yes Rotary
Remington F5-5800 200 grams No Foil

1. Braun Series 7 – Model 7790cc

Braun is the most reputable name in the electric shaver industry for yesteryears with its international networking and the distribution of its grooming products. Thousands of consumers globally love to have Braun as their early morning styling companion. This German hi-tech brand has won the hearts and trust of its valuable customers. It is undoubtedly the most sold electric foil shaver brand. Let’s see its specific brand features together.

Salient Brand Features of Braun 7790cc

  • One stroke is good enough to give you the closest cutting and trimming with skin contact of 0.05 mm and this feature is idealistically a real gift for sensitive skin to avoid irritation.
  • Having five modes of shaving, 7790cc Braun allows you the customized adjustment with the help of buttons for moderate or turbo mode.
  • The sonic technology that permits this shaver to read and adapt the density of the beard has literally given this electric shaver an edge over all of its other counterparts.
  • It has 10,000 vibrations per minute along with efficiency of 30,000 cross-cutting movement.
  • Its specialized components that can work with different types of hair.
  • Active Lift Trimmer helps this wonder work of shaving device to seize the flat hair from the difficult facial areas.
  • Its protective Skin Guard is the best device for smoothest shaving experience.
  • 8.D Flexible Shaving system is the smartest feature of the pivoting shaver head allowing it to move in 8 different directions with Micro and Macro motions.
  • Precision Head Lock of this Braun model is more skin-friendly for difficult areas like under the nose or chin and other facial contours.
  • 7 series is especially designed to for shaping the moustaches or the beards perfectly.
  • Alcohol based Clean & Charge station is its highly appreciated feature globally that cleans this shaver most hygienically.
  • It is fully washable as it can be rinsed underwater and it maintains its newness for long even after years.
  • It can get fully recharged within an hour and one time full recharge allows 50 minutes shaving.


Braun 7790cc is engineered ergonomically and hygienically concerning the prolonged use and the safety measures for the consumers. It is an excellent shaving tool with the most exceptional performance in any case for example it cuts, removes and trims the hair without spoiling the shape. This foil shaver head can move in 8 directions, so, there is no parallel of this electric shaver in the global market. It has some special features for skin types and also for trimming style.

7790 model has been around in the existing market for many years and its demand is always high. It has detailed built-in features that make it truly hard to find any drawbacks in this wonderful electric shaver. It is not suitable for wet shaving but people still love to own this one. It’s once in a lifetime investment if we consider the cost and pricing aspects of the product. Being number 1, this Braun shaver is the first choice of the men never compromising on the style.

So, Braun 7 790cc is ranked rightfully as the best electric shaver of 2017 by many reviews. If you order online, your personal experience will only certify this genuine fact.


  • Highest in demand
  • No compromise on quality
  • Advanced cleaning features.
  • An ideal Trimming device
  • Glides in multi directions
  • Retains its top rank in many 2017 reviews


  • Seems bit expensive
  • Wet shave is not possible

2. Braun Series 9 – Model 9295cc

Likewise, its 7 series, the Braun’s 9 series has made its presence felt and it gets its position in the hit list of most sold electric shavers. Bearing all the popular brand features of Braun, this model is just an immaculate fusion of shaving mechanism, style, and design. People have always really appreciated the versatility of Braun electric shavers. It is a great combination of efficiency and style. Its model 9295 is the most popular model among the series 9 and its other counterparts.

Salient Brand Features of Braun 9295cc

  • Ideally suitable for cutting and trimming with its combined Micro and macro motion features.
  • Having 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute allows it more grip on dense beard
  • It can be rinsed thoroughly under running tap water, ensuring the complete and neat cleaning.
  • It enables you to choose wet or dry shave considering your skin type and beard style.
  • It gets dried by a single touch of a button, so it always looks as a yesterday bought newly item.
  • It is the perfect reintegration of an exclusive design and the premium functions.
  • The Titanium coated middle seizures more hair saving you from more strokes.
  • The shape also allows the perfect grip and thumb positioning for a closer shave.
  • It is manufactured ergonomically protecting the facial and environmental safety altogether
  • Its integrated precision trimmer gives the ideal trim and shape to the beard.
  • Multi Head Lock is another incredible feature with the flexibility of positioning of the blades giving 5 different movements to reach sensitive facial contours.


Being always high in demand model, Braun 9295cc represents one the most leading brand of the shaving industry giants. The SyncroSonic™ technology guarantees the gentlest feel. With the quickest recharge of only five minutes for one shave, Braun Series 9 has become the most favorable choice. You can fix if for a recharge the moment you are awake in the morning and your electric shaving masterpiece is just ready to do the perfect job for you. It is inserted with LED Display to tell the battery status, hygiene status and also abut traveler Lock. It is useable for many years with the affordable cost of once in a lifetime

Crafted with plastic, never affects its cost. It has some highly specialized features, which are never needed for shaving requirements on daily basis. In other words, this particular shaver is too sophisticated for everyday use. So, if you have to shave daily, this electric device is rather too expensive and it is also too much specialized altogether for casual or ordinary shaving style.

As a whole, Braun 9295cc is very much in the high ranking list and it definitely gives a tough competition to its own sibling Braun model of series 7.


  • Gained popularity for being a Braun’s family member
  • Number one choice who seeks only the best
  • Wet and dry shave with its own cleaning mechanism
  • Syncosonic technology with 40,000 actions
  • Ideal choice for thick or thin hair
  • Retains its top rank in many 2017 reviews


  • All made with plastic, giving a toy like look

3. Panasonic Arc 5

Panasonic is the 2011 Guinness world record holder company for its 5 blade electric shaver proving that most men shave with electric shaver and their ultimate choice is none other than Panasonic electric shaver. The event was conducted at different venues across Japan and it broke the previous record of 2009. The said electric shaver is a foil shaver, promising the closest shave. It works with great efficiency to become tough competitor among the shaving tool manufacturers. Panasonic is the most reliable name in the electronic industry, hailing from the Japanese land.

Salient brand features of Panasonic Arc 5

  • Its angular inner Nano blades (30 degree) allow the closest shaving experience even on the thick beard.
  • Its 14,000 CPM Linear motor has high-speed drive and it gives the smoothest shaving by removing every single thick facial hair.
  • It is water proof with its Sonic Vibration Cleaning Mode that’s why it can be rinsed under running water allowing the hygienic use of this superb device.
  • Its Multi- Flex Pivoting Head is especially designed to apply the shaving cream, gel or foam on the skin more closely.
  • Its stainless steel foil blade has a built-in Pop-up trimmer, which allows you to cut or trim your beard purposely.
  • LCD gives you the recharge status and it has a lock button to keep it safe for next time use.
  • It comes with a travel pouch, Ac adapter and its worldwide voltage range is between 100-240 voltages.
  • Its multifit Arc 5 blade gives you the best shaving angles on the contours of your face and its hair sensor prevents you from skin stress or irritation.
  • It is equally suitable if you want to cut and trim at the same time.
  • Maintaining its high quality standards, Panasonic Arc 5 is available with an additional trimmer similar to its other brand partners, like Braun.
  • It has 5 foils including three slit foils, one lift tech Trimmer and one finishing foil to allow you to adopt the art of shaving and style.


With an improved technology, Panasonic Arc 5 is much better in efficiency than its previously introduced sibling brand models with 4 or 3 blades. It is noticeably among the top of the rank brands when you compare it with other shaving industry brands. The price seems a bit high but it seems logical as well as it is among the newest electric shavers and there is no need to replace blades unlike other razors. Its gun meta dark blue color makes it more rewarding than other black and silver colored shavers.

There are fewer complaints about the uncomforted feelings from the users having sensitive issues. Electric shavers are a bit annoying initially when you glide them on and around your face and neck, but after a week you are quite comfortable with your shaving companion. They are amazing in performance, pricing and prolonged use.

Thus, Panasonic is a tough competitor in the market with no compromise on the quality and the performance. But, people with extremely sensitive skin tend to avoid this electric shaver.


  • Latest model
  • Highly advanced features for the closest shave
  • Cuts more hair in a single stroke
  • Automatic cleaning and charging system with alcohol-free solution
  • Automatic voltage conversion


  • Cannot be used while plugged in
  • Very expensive for being new
  • Can be uncomfortable for sensitive skin

4. Philips Norelco 9700 Rotary style

Clinching the 2013’s world’ no 1 shaving brands award and 2016 Design Award, Philips Norelco is the only king among the electric rotary shaver. No other brand is parallel or even next to this exceptional US brand. Its latest 5000 series is circulated only inside the USA. Philips Norelco has made its presence felt all around the world with its turbo powers. It is the quickest shaver as it glides and covers more facial areas and contours. If cutting and removing of hair is what you desire from your electric shaver, then this rotary shaver is surely the only reliable grooming device.

Salient brand features of Philips Norelco 9700cc

  • This special brand is a mark of speed, guaranteeing the quickest shave with its turbo mechanism which allows it to run or glide on the bigger areas of face.
  • Philips has especially designed this model considering the sensitive skin type by fusing a matchless micro bead coating feature to ensure painless and smooth shave.
  • Its Multi Precision Blade allows not only the closest cutting and but also the trimming giving the perfect shape to your beard.
  • Gentle Precision PRO Blades cuts or fully removes the hair from the little deeper inside the root giving the closest shaving and hair regrow in approx. 3 days’ time.
  • The multidirectional Dynamic Flex Technology allows the head to move in five different directions to glide on every facial curve or contours with additional details.
  • Its high efficiency with its 5-directioanal contouring head is beyond any doubts as it leaves no hair and it can easily move smoothly and reach the difficult or hard to reach facial areas like under the nose etc.
  • Being the brand line of today, Philips Norelco is equally suitable for wet and dry shave.
  • Dry shave by this special Phillips Norelco is matchless in terms of speed. Wet shave gives you the feel of more comfort with foam and you can even shave while taking shower.
  • Understanding the need of grooming or styling while travelling, Philips Norelco comes with a complete package of traveller’s pouch, smart clean and a smart click precision trimmer.
  • Philips products are environment friendly and the assist in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • It can get fully recharged in an hour and it works for up to 45 min. with one full recharge.


Being the only popular rotary electric shaver, Philips Norelco is every man’s first choice if they want the cleanest shave in the minimum time. The colour of this shaving brand is also very eye- catching and soothing. The turbo speed has enabled Philips Norelco to win the global reputation. The quality standards are beyond any suspicions with its Philips label, which always aspire to win quality award. This amazing electric shaver is quite in expensive if we consider and compare its in-built features with other electric shavers in the market. So, it’s the only best offer available for rotary electric shaver lovers.

Philips Norelco is the only most famous model of the same brand for its rotary shaving mechanism. It does not offer Smartclean system, but it is pretty easy to wash it under the running water with liquid soap. People may not like it for replacing its flex heads annually, although these flex heads are affordably priced. In reality, the ranking review shows that that the popularity of Philips Norelco is always on the rise as it is an ideal for those who never want to invest more time on shaving.

So, with Philips Norelco we are left with no choice but to praise the brand model. The only drawback of this shaver can be its rotary mechanism, which is not every one’s choice. Globally, Men more likely prefer Foil shavers for the ease it offers for trimming.


  • Highly affordable 3-D model
  • Possesses all the advanced features.
  • Integrated voltage system of travellers
  • Super Lift & Cut feature to capture the slightest hair
  • High in demand Rotary shaver.


  • Hard to find with Philips label.
  • Pop-up trimmer has received some complaints.
  • Replacement parts are expensive

5. Remington F5-5800B

By introducing the first ever battery run electric shavers during 1960s, Remington is certainly listed among the few ruling and the pioneering companies that introduced and integrated several miraculous improvements in the electric shavers. In this review article, Remington is the only reliable company having excelled in the manufacturing of the foil and the rotary electric shavers at the same time. Its cutting edge technology and years long experience of engineering shaving Philips Norelco is the only most famous model of the same brand for its rotary shaving mechanism. It does not offer Smartclean system, but it is pretty easy to wash it under the running water with liquid soap. People may not like it for replacing its flex heads annually, although these flex heads are affordably priced. In reality, the ranking review shows that that the popularity of Philips Norelco is always on the rise as it is an ideal for those who never want to invest more time on shaving. products granted the company with the expertise to introduce the line of exceptionally designed electric shaving tools. F5-5800 is always there among the top ranked electric shaver models if you view the review of the top brands.

Salient brand features of Remington F5-5800

  • Being a prolific member of Remington family, F5-5800 is a high in demand foil-type electric shaver model, which is surprisingly very cost-effective too. .
  • This this black and charcoal varnished user friendly shaver promises the closest and the neatest shave.
  • With its Pivot & Flex Technology, it is fully adjustable to glide on the sensitive facial curves relieving pressure, avoiding skin irritation, and ensuring maximum closeness.
  • Remington F5-5800 is fully washable under running water so, it can be cleaned thoroughly.
  • The Pivot & Flex Technology combined with intercept blade technology doubles the performance level of this particular electric shaver giving it an edge over other shavers.
  • The durability of this shaver is out of the question with the surgical steel quality blade and its precision results are really impressive.
  • An additional pop-up trimmer is the part of the package to let you manually you’re your sideburns, beard or moustache.
  • Its advanced Lithium-ion battery with LED charge indicator is fully rechargeable within 2 hours and its maximum run time is almost an hour.
  • QuietDrive Advanced Motor allows maximum torque to the motor and the quickest shave.
  • With adjustable worldwide voltage, it can be used as corded or cordless depending upon your need or the feasibility factor.
  • It offers two years warranty and 60 days money back guarantee.


Remington F5-5800 is no less than the other high-end electric shaver brands. It has collected all the features that can be expected necessarily from an electric shaver in itself. If you don’t want to go additional and advanced shaving features, then Remington F5 is the most preferable model as its cost also is unexpectedly low, if we compare it with the amazing list of features it possesses. This shaving model is a great union of technology, performance and style in accurate proportions, enabling you to use a handy device to enhance your style.

Remington F5-5800 allows you the great feasibility of taking gaps of 2-3 days for shaving. It is equally good for thin, dense and longer hair growths. Depending upon your choice, you can recharge it for five minutes before using it or you can have it recharged for one week or more. The only obvious drawbacks are the absence of few ultra-advanced features, for which more popular brands are boastful about. But you need to only shave and this Remington F5 is the best available handy and easy to use device, good enough to cater your shaving needs, styles and desires.

Remington has been around for decades, and its F5-5800 is highly affordable and this affordability feature without no obvious compromise on the performance or the quality of the shaver, increases its demand in the shaving industry.


  • 3 position pop-up trimmer for hard to cut hair
  • Low priced considering its quality
  • Positive reviews for decent and close shave
  • Pivoting head for smooth shave.
  • Ideal for daily shaving


  • Seems bit expensive
  • Wet shave is not possible
  • Bit less close shave if compared with razor shaving

This review gives the full insight of the men’s five top electric shaver brands. These models are highly favorable when the grooming and style truly matters.


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