Hairless smooth skin is the first step of womanly grooming!

Feminine gender is coined with the word ‘beauty’ as every female person does possess beauty but in different proportions and regardless of skin complexion. Being curious to appear more gorgeous, women tend to make real high and hard efforts to groom their whole self or personality. As skin is exposed to everyone, they are always over conscious of maintaining the softness of baby-like skin. To achieve this very necessary goal, a big line of electric shavers representing different brands are always around, making the final choice more difficult.

Every latest women shaver including the newest brand vow for better technology and more advanced shaving features along with smarter and handier design. So, considering the more options of electric shaving devices for women, I myself bet that choosing the best women electric shaver is a bit more challenging  if we compare it with the more obvious choices of electric shavers for men.

Buyers’ Guide- Top 6 Finest Electric shavers

The mechanism of working of women electric shaver is almost the same. They are of similar two types like foil shavers and rotary shaver. Unlike men, women skin is much softer and the hairs are more delicate. So, electric shaver for women is much gentler on skin than that of the men electric shavers. These electric shavers are more sophisticated too because women hair are softer. So, electric shaver technology for women is more advanced to guarantee the capturing, cutting and trimming of the much thinner hair smoothly.

It’s a cliché that women skin hairs are more delicate, flatter and at distance, so, women electric shavers are supposed to be more delicate and gentler on the skin. A lot of women do have thick and dense hair growth and some of them even have men like hair growth because of some hormonal disturbances. In such cases, it has been observed that electric shavers get blunt and are never affective for long. Such women have continuous complaints of changing their shaver quite often. One obvious reason is that instead of cutting or trimming, such shavers start pulling the hairs, which is literally unbearable for women. So, in this review, electric shavers are ranked on the basis of their efficiency and long-lasting use.

To make the shaver choice easier, I have selected the top ranked 6 electric shavers. You can see the brand features, read pros and cons and imagine about your skin type. Just start removing the brand from your list which can never be the least option though. By the end, you will be left with two option and you are pretty close to your final decision. Be very careful and read brand features of both the brands and match with your skin needs. Also, see the price for longer use and affordability. Good luck with your final decision!

Shaver Name Weight Wet/Dry Nature
Gillette Venus Silk-expert IPL BD 5001 IPL IPL
Remington Smooth and Silky lady Shaver WDF4840 Yes Foil
Conair Satiny Smooth lady shaver-LWD1RP Yes Foil
Philips Ladyshave HP6306 Yes Foil
TOUCHBeauty  Rotary women Shaver TB-1653 Yes Rotary
Panasonic Lady Shaver ES220P Yes Foil

1. Gillette Venus Silk-expert IPL BD 5001
Top ranked electric shaver in most reviews

Braun is a reliable name in the line of hair removal products. It has maintained its reliability and standards in the grooming product line for women. The brand enjoys high reputation globally and its websites show more than 10K visits. Braun justly deserves the praise for its similar effectiveness for prolonged use and for its fantastic results. The claims for permanent hair reduction with the only IPL technology for long time result. If you are using this highly specialized brand, you will need to shave after a month. It works very gently and within few strokes, you can have your baby like skin. You can enjoy the feel of silky touch after the shaving experience with this product.


Salient Brand Features of Gillette Venus Silk-expert IPL BD 5001
  • Innovative and the safest Intense Pulsed Light (IPL system) of Gillette Venus Silk-expert is efficient for permanent hair removal from the skin
  • With regular use, this Venus brand stops hair to regrow by breaking the cycle of hair regrowth
  • It penetrates under the skin surface and works on the melanin in the hair follicle which stops further growth cycle.
  • With continued treatment, unwanted hair fail to grow and reach the skin surface
  • Its advanced SensoAdapt™ is a unique skin tone sensor that ensures the rightly pulsed light for most effective shave
  • This IPL technology is promising for the quickest shave without altering or compromising its efficiency
  • Women experience results within 3 months of its continuous use and they claim to notice hair reduction even one year after the last use
  • There is no need to pay some extra amount later on replacement cartridges or safety glasses
  • The package comes with Gillette Venus razor for a handy, smooth and close shave
  • High in demand among professional salons, this shaving device is clinically tried for permanent hair removal
  • It offers 3 different modes: Normal mode offers full power and adaptation to any specific skin tone, gentle mode offers fast and precise variations for different skin tones and the extra gentle mode offers reduced energy level for beginners or for sensitive areas.
  • The company claims 300,000 flashes which are equivalent to 15 years of full body treatment
  • Gliding mode is another remarkable feature of this wonderful shaver that allows more flashes on leftover areas
  • The product is FDA cleared for safe and promising results either for home or for salon experts



This miraculous shaving product claims for permanent removal of hair and this makes it hold the top-ranked position in many reviews of electric shavers. It is really an amazing product with three different modes. It never gets blunt or become painful after the prolonged use. This feature definitely makes it an ideal choice for women who love to maintain a hairless body with the suppleness of baby like skin. Its shaving time is the quickest among other contemporary brands. It is easy to use and prick-free during maneuvering on the skin. It is adaptable for any skin tone and it has special inbuilt features to deal the sensitivity issues of the skin.

The brand is a reliable name from yester years in the hi-tech devices including electric shaver. The brand has offered this same product under different titles. For Americans, it is Gillette Venus silk-expert while the same product is Braun Silk expert. This highly advanced IPL product is said to be very cost effective as it requires no gel or other cartridges later. Customer reviews are very positive as they have personally noticed the reduction in hair growth. As the product is very new, it is expected to have some negative remark later on

2.      Remington Smooth and Silky lady Shaver WDF4840

One of the most popular, high in demand lady shaver!

Remington is among the noly few leading global brands that have maintained an equal popularity graph level among their more fragile users. Remington is successful in combining the delicacy of the job with the similar efficiency for prolonged use on the more delicate or sensitive skin. Its foiled design is also very appealing giving a complete grip to glide smoothly on any part of the body. With Remington, you are free from any fear of having cuts. Being wet/ dry shaver, it is a must traveling companion if you really want to avoid using hotel’s substandard razors. It has won positive responses from the users globally for being skin friendly.


Salient Brand Features of Remington WDF4840
  • This smooth and silky Remington brand has 4 Blade System to give close shave in few strokes
  • Its unique design with hypoallergenic flexible foil makes it an ideally suitable choice for sensitive skin
  • It can be used wet/dry by users or even under the shower. Wet shaving is more relaxing with gel or foam but dry shave is ideal if time constraints
  • Knowing the importance of Aloe Vera for women makeup industry, this Remington shaver brand has an inbuilt Aloe Vera Strip, which offers moisturizing effects especially on dry skin in order to avoid even the minute chance of irritation
  • This shaver is available with an additional trimmer attachment to do away with the hairs from the delicate skin areas
  • Available with a charge stand and LED indicator, this shaver is fully rechargeable electric shaving device with half an hour working time
  • If you want the result, then this brand offers the maximum gap between two ultimate shaves Hair regrow little late after the use of this device
  • Advanced Dual Sided Trimmer is excellent in efficiency to cut flat hairs more closely
  • Being cordless, this Remington model glide on the skin more freely giving you the full control with its handler grip
  • Head has Comfort Tips to move and run softly on the skin
  • Special beauty bag is also available to keep is safe and clean until the next use

Remington makes real high efforts not to disappoint its users and this trait is evident with this high-end electric shavers. There is no red patches and irritation and the resulting shave is too close as it can be expected from a perfect shaving device giving superb results. Its trimmer is handy for delicate skin. It is wet and dry cordless shaver and its battery never runs down if timely recharged.  Aloe Vera gives an additional smoothness to the skin with the silky feel. You can keep it clean with the help of a cleaning brush to avoid clogging. The best part of the shaver is that it is quite quiet, unlike other noisy shavers.

There are few complaints that the product became out of order after using several times and some women have developed cuts or burns during the shaving experience. But such chances are only rare. The best part is the return and replacement policy. Remington takes serious notice of such complaints and it invites the unhappy customers to replace their product. Other electric shavers are quite expensive and Remington is affordable and its efficiency is beyond the comparison level.

  1. Conair Satiny Smooth lady shaver-LWD1RP

A perfect connection of design, standards and performance


Conair is an American company which has been offering one of the biggest lines of personal care and beauty products since 1959. It is equally good in the grooming products for both the genders. Conair brand is more popular for the practicality they offer for use. Conair is not very expensive and its results are superb. You can have the closest shave without any itching or any redness. It is rechargeable and washable. It is always suggested to keep electric shavers clean. Another important feature is the longevity of this amazing shaver as it can be used for longer duration without getting blunt.

Salient Brand Features of Conair Satiny Smooth LWD1RP

  •  Highly trustable Conair satiny smooth twin women foil shaver is a brand that has gained global popularity among women
  •  The 2 foil pivoting blades glide on the skin contour more powerfully to give the closer shave along with the gentler feel of the skin
  •  It comes with a pop-up trimmer to give you an option of handy trimming on more sensitive skin parts
  •  Its completely washable head makes it completely washable to ensure perfect cleaning for use next time
  •  If charged properly, it is only a single button operated and very easy-to-use for everyone
  •  The brand promisingly vow to be skin friendly and they are quite right when you see the satisfactory comments from the users
  • It is harmless to all type of skin and it is safe to be used in part of the body.
  • It is rechargeable and battery operated
  • Similar to many other popular brands, the twin foil shaver is also a very good travelling companion.
  • It offers two-year warranty
  • The brand guarantees the delicacy of your skin as it claims for a nick-free shave

Globally, it has been observed that rechargeable shaver gain more popularity. They are more reliable for smooth and silky touch on the skin. Another reason is that these are wet and dry, completely washable and glide on the skin. Only with few strokes, the job is gone perfectly well. An average time to shave one leg or hand completely is within ten minutes. This shaver is good enough as it saves you to shave daily. You can enjoy a gap of 2-3 days between two shaves. This model of Conair is immensely popular and globally shipped for its perfection in performance. If you are going to opt Conair, its will definitely be a smart choice.

Overall, Conair is grouped with top shaving brands with positive reviews and satisfactory comments of users.  Price is overall affordable too as no parts need to be replaced later. Sometimes heads of electric shavers get oily if used frequently on the face. So, it is very necessary to keep the shaver clean. Most Lady Shavers are washable, but they are never available with the auto-cleaning system.  A cleaning brush is available for proper cleaning so, it is highly recommended to keep the shavers clean for next use.

  1. Philips Ladyshave HP6306

Top to pick brand model for the quickest hair removal


Philips is another reliable name across the globe for its prize-winning standards of quality and designs altogether. Philips lady shaves HP6306 is highly reputable among working and busy women for its quick, wet or dry shaving options. It works with the two batteries which are included in the package. If you don’t mind to shave daily for smoothest feel of your skin, this Philips device is just made for you. It is very easy to glide on the body for its genuine size, shape, and design. It is irritation free and gives the baby like feel on the skin after the removal of hair.  Its pink and white color gives it the look of a feminine item and it can be carried so easily in its pouch. It can be cleaned with a cleaning brush for next time use.

Salient Brand Features of Philips Norelco HP6306


  • Philips Norelco HP6306 sleek in design maneuver the skin and contours very quickly cutting and removing all the unwanted hair
  • Being the latest model, it comes with hypo-allergenic foil features for a painless shaving experience without any redness or rashes
  • Having cordless and wet/dry in mechanism, in can also be used during the shower

If this battery operated shaver with Voltage 2x 1.5 is fully recharged, it can be used for an hour and its LED status indicator warns you for quick and timely recharge

  • Its ergonomic anti-slip grip allows you to shave smartly, easily and quite comfortably
  • Being the latest model, many reputable retail stores are offering accessories along with it that include 2 AA batteries, cleaning brush, protecting cap and shaver conditioner creams
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty is a lucrative offer along with money back policy on return within 14 days’ time.
  • Single foil shaver that surely does its job well in no time giving you the feel of the silky sleek skin
  • Small shaving head that safely removes the hair with 100% skin protection measures
  • This energy star certified Philips Norelco model is fully washable under running water so, keep it hygienic


The most prominent feature of this amazing user-friendly shaving device is that it can glide on any part of the body speedily without leaving the tiniest hair. It is an ideal choice for those who don’t want to use other more traditional ways to remove unwanted hair. Philips HP3606 is a practical solution for women with strict academic or professional schedules. Its compact size also makes it an ultimate choice for traveling needs. Hair removal process is so smooth and painless that you can do the job sitting idly. Another important feature is its head that can be detached to clean completely.

Philips is another reliable name which never disappoints its users for its innovative and advanced technology that only aims to provide more ease and comforts to its users. Most users find wet use more comfortable on the sensitive part of the skin as it is quite speedy and it becomes harsh for the delicate skin. No doubt, the result of this lady shave is incredible on the skin and you can enjoy suppleness of your skin for long after the hair removal process. One genuine fact about this shaver is that it never removes hair beneath the skin so, after the shaving experience, hair grows quicker and they even get thicker and uneven.

5.  TOUCH Beauty  Mini Rotary women Shaver TB-1653

Size never matters for excellent shaving results!

Touch Beauty is basically a UK based company, which has become more popular later globally for its outstanding beauty and grooming products. Touch beauty products are highly reputable for being a reliable name for the beauty they offer in design and for the comfort they deliver in use. Many countries are offering shipment of Touch beauty products as these are irresistible for women across the globe not only for their efficiency but also for their compact handy size as most of the touch beauty product lie peacefully in any lady’s purse. Touch Beauty is an international brand so, it is certified and reliable brand in the existing grooming industry.

Salient Brand Features of TOUCHBeauty Shaver TB-1653

 The only rotary shaver for women included in this review which is more popular for its mini size

  • It is very easy to use device with two blades precision shaving system
  • This model also claimed to be hypoallergenic for very smooth shave on sensitive skin
  • It maneuvers the body curves efficiently and effectively for a closer shaving experience
  • It’s manufactured with ABS stainless steel, very light in weight and gets inside a ladies purse without occupying more space
  • Being water resistant it is suitable for wet/dry shave as some women prefer using gel or cream for more comfortable shaving experience
  • Its complete package includes a protective cap, cleaning brush and a user manual long with this pink colored electric shaver
  • It is powered by single AA battery, which is not included in the package
  • With CE and ROHS compliance, it offers one year warranty
  • Its size, color and ergonomic design for the handy grip makes it an ideal choice for ladies, especially those who have to travel quite often
  • There is a crystal diamond inserted on the protective cap to make it more beautiful among other brands available in the market

This product is unique and smartest in design. It is the only rotary shaver, I have dared to include in the review. Rotary shavers are harsh on the skin as compared to failed shavers. But this special brand is very different in size, color and the mechanism of its performance. Its pink color is very attractive and it removes hair without itchy feelings. Hairs are removed without any pain for irritation. It is so small in diameter that it gives the perfect feel of the softest skin. The shaver is very quick in removing some leftover hair. It is so small and handy in size that people doubt its efficiency, which is doubtlessly remarkable.

TouchBeauty shaver TB1653 is a very unique and differently designed electric shaver. Women don’t appreciate as the packaging never includes a battery and they must have a battery in hand to use it. Another complaint is that if it is not cleaned properly after every shave, it may be clogged and may stop working. It’s too easy to use and the design is so stylish and fashionable. Women love to have this particular model as their traveling companions. Sometimes, people have found the brand not workable. Being an internationally shipped product, its return policy is the bit less flexible. Otherwise, the product is superb for the easy, quick, close and smooth shave.

 5.      Panasonic Lady Shaver ES2207P

One of the top ranked and remarkably inexpensive shaver

This Japanese brand fails to do wonders in the grooming product for feminine gender. The efficiency and popularity can never be matched like men’s shavers. Still it has made its mark and women tend to buy it believing the reliability and reputation of the company. The best part of this electric shaver is its price. It’s low in cost unbelievably. The shaver is rechargeable, so, batteries are never needed all and again like other shaver brands. It can be used wet/ dry and it’s cordless. Its white and pink color design with handy grip makes it more attractive choice, especially for young girls and women.

Salient Brand Features of Panasonic ES2207P

·         More popular Panasonic brand among women with 3 blades that gives you the finest shave

·         Designed to be used wet and dry as per need of the customers depending on their mood or on skin type

·         Equally efficient for thick or dense hair growth with pop-up blade

·         Hypo-allergic blades are inbuilt to protect sensitive skin from irritation

·         Ergonomically designed to give the maximum comfort to sensitive skin

·         Handy grip allows maximum control for shaving, cutting and trimming altogether

·         Immersible electric shaver with three heads that move and glide on the skin independently ensuring the neatest looks

·         A handy pop-up trimmer is especially added to trim long or stray hair

·         Stainless steel coating on every blade and foil remove any doubts of possible irritation.

·         It is cleaned superbly if it is rinsed under warm water and additionally a cleaning brush is also the part of the package.

·         The travel pouch and its cordless mode make it a perfect travelling companion.

·         AC 100-120V power enables it to get fully recharged in an hour and it can be used for 12 hours with one time recharge.


Panasonic version for female shaver has gained popularity to some extent as it is cordless and can be used during and out of the shower. It is fully rechargeable and the color and design are very lucrative for women. This electric shaver is a foil shaver and if blades get blunt, the shaver starts pulling hairs. A cleaning brush is also the part of the package to keep the product hygienic for next time use. As a newly bought item, this Panasonic ES2207 gives the perfect smooth result and you can move confidently with our shiny hairless skin on all the exposed parts of the body.

Panasonic brand is a good packaged deal overall, if we consider its effects on normal skin tone or type. Its head gets blunt if hairs are unusually thick or dense. Some customers even share their wish some inbuilt mechanism to change the head after few months. Blades also get blunt, after 3 to 6 months. This Panasonic brand is ideal for thin and scanty hair growth. If somebody has forest-like growth of the hair on some part of the body, this shaving blade is never made for you. Generally, this brand is popular among women of all ages regardless of its few serious complaints about the head or blades.

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