Why You Need A Himalayan Salt Lamp And Where To Get It From?


When it comes to decorating one’s home, they would not leave any stone unturned. People from West would go for Persian rugs, South Asian embroidery and handicraft items, while people from East would take pride in having expensive chandelier from France or furnishings from Italy.

However, there is one thing common and that is their never-ending wish to decorate their homes with the items which satisfy their aesthetic sense. One such item is Himalayan salt lamps; they are found in almost all shapes, sizes, textures and colors. This review is an attempt to educate our readers about Himalayan salt lamps and help them get the best quality Himalayan salt lamps at very affordable rates.

What is a Himalayan salt lamp?

Himalayan salt lamp is made of pink salt. Now here’s a fun-fact; while the whole world know this as Himalayan salt lamp, there is not found any salt in Himalayas and actually the origin of this raw beauty is not Himalayas, but the Salt Region in Punjab Pakistan.

Khewra is the city where British found the salt and mined for it. Traditions go back to the time of Alexander the Great and tell us that Alexander’s horses used to lick the rocks in this region which is now also known as Salt Range; this is how they discovered that this region is rife with salt.

Himalayan salt which is found in Khewra, thousands of miles far from Himalayas, is found in many different colors, which include, but are not limited to white, grey, light blue and some shades of pink.

However, the Himalayan salt lamp is mostly made of pink-colored salt rock found in the mines of Khewra, Pakistan. Himalayan salt lamp, the beauty that you crave to see in all rooms of your sweet home, is carved out of a large crystal of salt which is acquired from a naturally colored salt rock, and to make it lit, the local craftsmen either use an electric circuit and electric light, or you can buy a candle (some people prefer to use scented candles) and lit it on your own.

Anatomy of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp is made out of a salt rock and this is why it has an unrefined and raw shape, which actually is the reason why people love it so much. However, some sellers treat it like a marble piece and they fashion the lamps in an oval shape and polish them to please the eyes of prospects.

The rocky structure or the salt lamp rests on a wooden stand, and the type of wood and its quality depends a lot on the price that you pay for a Himalayan salt lamp. You get dimmer control as well as the shoe; install a small bulb of your choice, put the shoe in the socket and abracadabra: see the magic of negatively charged ions and the stunning mix of salt and fire.

Speaking of which, as we have mentioned above, all Himalayan salt lamps do not come with electric circuit, and they are made for candles. If your idea of romance has had enough of starry nights, try a Himalayan salt lamp night! Get a scented candle, adjust it in the middle of the lamp and lit it, and voila! See how soon it turns you on and brings back the love-life that you’ve been longing for too long!

The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamp benefits research is not quite definitive and people argue all the time about how the health benefits associated with Himalayan salt lamps are not real and much of marketing tactics. However, those are the people who have never been to the region where Himalayan salt lamps originate from.

Have we been there? The answer is a 100% affirmative and we did not go there just for once. Khewra is kind of a place where people go on a jolly good one day vacation, and since we would not like to suggest our readers anything that we are not fully aware of, let us tell you that we have been there more than once.

No! We did not test whether these lamps create negative ions or not, and we surely do not know if these lamps or salt products can rewire your breathing, but we know one thing for sure; once you are inside those mines, your breath is fresher and lighter than ever.

We have talked to nutritionists and doctors who always praise salt and salt-made products such as Himalayan salt lamps, and they surely believe in most of the benefits associated with these lamps. Let us have a look at those benefits.

  1. The Negative Ions

You are a citizen of this world and you definitely use a lot of electronic appliances. Those T.V.s, refrigerators, air conditioners and computers emit positive ions which result in an excess of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is the cause of many skin, body and mental diseases; Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions and thus they balance between the negative and positive ions in the air.

  1. Natural Air Purifier

If you have ever been to salt mines, you would know that apart from the cool and fresh breath that you enjoy on top of a lush green and snowcapped mountain, the freshest and coolest breath on the planet earth is found in salt mines.

Salt has this natural capability to absorb the contaminations in the air. Himalayan salt lamps are 100% made of Himalayan salt rocks in Khewra, Pakistan and thus apart from satisfying your aesthetic sense, they also cleanse the air and purify it.

If you hate smoking, but in your office you often meet a lot of people who are smokers and if you think that the little exhaust fan on the window is not good enough to purify the air and enable you to breathe fresh, try Himalayan salt lamps.

  1. Take a Deep Breath and Love Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

As per the scientific research, positive ions that all our beloved electric appliances emit all the time, block cilia’s function and thus make it difficult for us to breathe. To the contrary, the Himalayan salt lamps create plenty of negative ions, which counter the positive ions, filter the alien particles, restore the lungs’ full breathing capacity and thus make it possible for us to inhale fresh air. So, take a deep breath of fresh air and thank God and men for this amazing marvel!

  1. Improvement in Blood Flow

While there is no definitive scientific evidence that proves it, there are people who suggest on base of their personal experiences and observations that use of Himalayan salt lamps improves the blood flow. After some tinkering with this assumption, we think that it is perfectly possible. How?

Let us see how Himalayan salt lamps increase the blood flow. In order for blood flow to be at a normal level, it is a must thing for human heart to function at its 100% capacity, and in order to enable human heart to do so, lungs are supposed to provide it with constant supply of fresh oxygen.

This is where Himalayan salt lamps come into play. They restore your breathing to its maximum, provide you fresh air and thus enable you to have the best blood flow that you may have.

  1. Anecdote for Asthma and Allergies

Since Himalayan salt lamps, as we have now figured out, purify the air and enable us to have a better breathing, they are believed to be a good solution for asthma, other lungs-related issues and allergies. Because salt is known to absorb the contaminations, it is definitely good for those who are sensitive to allergies. As far as asthma is concerned, not only the asthma patients have talked about how Himalayan salt lamps help them, but some manufacturers of inhalers are also now producing sale-based inhalers.

  1. Celebrate Winters without Cough and Cold

Human body is subject to climate changes and when winter comes, a lot of people go to doctors complaining cough and cold. A good thing about these Himalayan salt lamps is their amazing ability to fight against airborne contaminations and filter the air. Thus, the air that you inhale is pure and refined, which leads to a better protection against particles that enter the lungs and cause cough, sneezing, sore throats and flu etc.

  1. Boost your Energy Level

Ever felt exhausted and empty after watching T.V. a lot or spending hours in front of computer? Apart from other possible reasons, this lack of energy also comes from the positive ions that these devices emit. Solution? Have a Himalayan salt lamp in your room and let it emit negative ions which counter the positive ions, restore your energy level and give you the natural rejuvenation that you feel in mountains.

  1. Best Stress Killer and Mood Booster

It’s all about negative ions that sault emits. These ions increase your oxygen and blood boost, purify the air and thus reduce your stress. As a result, you feel a revolutionary boost in your good mood. Apart from the phenomenal “happiness hormone”, a Himalayan salt lamp might also prove to be a happiness and energy booster.

  1. Better Sleep, Better Concentration and Better Performance

So this is how it goes. If you sleep well, you would be able to concentrate more on your daily tasks and thus you will give a better performance, right? Now let us see how these Himalayan salt lamps can help you have all of them. Negative ions coming from a Himalayan salt lamp, increase the blood and oxygen supply, and thus they provide you with optimum energy, while calming your nerves. The soft and calm light produced by these lamps is definitely good to have a surge of inner peace, which ends up on a long and profound slumber. And when you wake up, you are able to perform better.

Where to get The Himalayan Salt Lamps From?

Well, there is no doubt that if you love fresh and clean air and if you want to increase your overall body and mental health and tranquility, you need a Himalayan salt lamp. So, it only trickles down to the main question; where to get it from? And let us tell you that there are a lot of manufacturers who are making amazing salt lamps and who have been featured in reliable Himalayan salt lamp reviews. Let us have a look at them:

  1. Lake Industries

Lake Industries set in Henderson, Nevada, U.S.A. is one of the most renowned manufacturers of salt lamps. Actually they import the stuff from Khewra, Pakistan and sell it to their customers. Their website is https://lakeindustries.com/ but they have set a different brand named Rakaposhi and under that brand they sell beautiful and masterfully crafted Himalayan salt lamps. The website is http://rakproducts.com, but if you love the sense of security that Amazon offers to its customers, go to the following link and buy an 8 to 11 inch Himalayan salt lamp provided by them. click here

  1. Amethya

As per our policy, we are listing first those Amazon brands who have their own websites and identity outside Amazon. Amethya is one of the best sellers of many natural and mineral products. They are located in Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.A. and their website is https://amethya.com. However, we always encourage our audience to buy from Amazon because at Amazon buyer is the king. Here is their Amazon link:

  1. HemingWeigh

HemingWeigh does not only show innovation in its name, but also in its products. They are also the manufacturers or importers of Yoga, fitness and calmness products. They sell beautiful salt lamps as well, and their website is http://www.hemingweigh.com/. You may enjoy the Amazon security and buy their salt lamps from following link:

  1. WBM

We have been hearing from the horse’s mouth, let’s buy from the horse this time. Pakistan is the place where Himalayan salt lamps take birth and this company is located in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. Their website is https://wbminternational.com/, however, we recommend you to be safe than sorry and buy it from Amazon. Here’s the link:

  1. Accentuations

Accentuations is a brand launched by Manhattan Comfort, and it is located in Union, New Jersey, U.S.A. They offer a lot of decorative products and they sell some marvelous Himalayan salt lamps as well. Their website is http://accentuationsbymanhattancomfort.com, but like always, we would advise our readers to buy their gems from Amazon. Here you go from amazon

  1. Levoit

Levoit is an Anaheim, California, U.S.A. based company that sells a lot of electric appliances as well as decorative items. They sell salt lamps as well. Here is their website https://www.levoit.com/, but it will be safe for you to buy from Amazon, since they are new in selling salt lamps:


SMAGREHO is situated in Fujian, Fuzhou, China. This company does not only deal in salt lamps, but they sell a lot of household electronic appliances as well. Their website is http://smagreho-home.com, but we would recommend you to the best salt lamp that they sell at their Amazon outlet, link is:

Well, this was the list of those vendors who exist outside Amazon as well, but Amazon has many stores who do not have any websites or physical stores, but still sell a lot of high quality items. Let us have a look at the top three of them.

  1. Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps is an Amazon store that sells awesome Himalayan salt lamps and accessories. Here is the link to the best salt lamp that they sell: amazon

  1. MineralLamp

MineralLamp is another Amazon store selling salt lamps. Although they have only one salt lamp to sell, but that salt lamp has 500+ positive reviews. Here is the link:

  1. Crystal Décor

Last on our list and the winner of Editor’s Choice is Crystal Décor. This store sells a lot of amazing Himalayan salt lamps, but their specialty is the metal basket holder of the salt lamp, which is carved with amazing attention to the details and aesthetic aspect. For you, we have chosen their best and most selling salt lamp with 2000+ positive salt lamp reviews. Here is the link:

Why we chose it and why it is the winner of our top-ten Himalayan salt lamp reviews list? Here is the answer:

  • It comes with so many available designs to choose from e.g. Buddha, Angel, Cross, Sun, Snow Flake and many others
  • Unlike most of other salt lamps, it does not have a same, old and traditional structure e.g. an uncarved and polished piece of salt rock in oval shape and a flat, wooden pedestal. It comes in a beautiful metal basket and it looks like a bunch of lovely pink-colored salt rocks placed in the basket.
  • It comes with a dimmable cord so you can choose the quantity of lighting that you want.

This is it! This was our bucket of Himalayan salt lamp reviews and why you should buy one! Please write back to us, tell us the good, bad and ugly of our review and let us know where we can improve. Your feedbacks keep us thinking, blinking and writing. Cheers!

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