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As the acronym suggests ‘Customer Value Store’ (CVS), this pharmacy network emerged with the determination to value its American customers. CVS values its customers with the topmost priority. They can buy prescribed medicines at nominal costs and even with discount offers. Moreover, they often find the serving pharmacists very efficient, quick and qualified. They don’t have to stand in long queues or wait for prolong to get their prescriptions available to them. CVS pharmacy stores offer beauty products, healthier food items and general merchandise all under one roof. General merchandise includes latest cosmetics, filming and photographic accessories, seasonal products, wishing cards and easy to cook foods. All these products are available in all the CVS pharmacy stores, long drugs retail store and online stores.


Serving Americans for more than half of a century, CVS pharmacy is a corporate giant which is also listed among the top ten of the Fortune 500. It has approximately ten thousand retail stores and online stores across the USA. Almost in every state, you can have a CVS store around a particular location. For decades, CVS has been successful in snatching the attention of the maximum number of its American consumers. The obvious reason is the vast product line it offers to its thousands or may be millions of consumers. CVS stores are dynamic in approach as they continue to adopt changes to improve their variety of products and overall services. They enrich the shopping experience of consumers with the remarkable saving packages on all the included and the newest beauty products, healthy foods, and the wide assortment of health related merchandise and all-purpose merchandise.


CVS Pharmacy represents the biggest networking of pharmacy and medication not only in America but also across the globe. It works in close coordination with the US government, insurance companies and employers of its individual customers. Healthcare in America is always a controversial or rather debatable issue.  There are always hues and cries regarding the highly expensive and often unaffordable health care services and medical treatment. In certain cases, it has been observed that a major illness may lead to a financial ruin regardless of the health insurance coverage. Even with an insurance coverage, people complain about paying huge medical bills out of their own pocket in case of some sudden injuries, fractures, trauma or accidents.  In such situations, CVS has won the public interest and reliability for its annual efforts with the concerned government officials to reduce the cost of medicines for the general public

CVS Pharmacy 24 hours

Nothing is worthier than the timely availability! 

CVS Pharmacy is customer centered and for the same reason, its retail stores are available to the general public round the clock. Apart from being a 24/7 available service, the general public has all the good reasons to visit CVS store. CVS store has the biggest line of pharmaceutical products and medicines. Whoever comes with whatever the prescription certainly gets his desired medication from the CVS stores. Consumers can also avail medical help in case of some minor injuries as these stores offer vaccination facility too and the qualified nursing staff is often available to vaccinate the patients.

CVS store is different as it offers discount packages and deals on the sale of its frequently bought products. Consumers always welcome such relief packages on the cost. If you are a common visitor to a retail store, you can always enjoy the hospitality and care of the dispensing staff. They are always there to help you out if you need any advice on your prescription. Sometimes you need non-prescribed medication and food supplements. CVS staff always helps you in making the right choice and he also warns you if the drug or the supplement seems unsuitable for your needs.

 CVS Stores Online       

Adopting the 21st-century trends

 By 2004, all the nine thousand and six hundred CVS stores were able to receive prescriptions online from their consumers. Dispensers and the staff follow the prescriptions and find the relevant medicines for their consumers at the earliest and gave it to the payment counter prior to the customers’ visit. They consumers come to collect the medication personally; it saves their ample of time that dispensers often consume for searching the desired medication. By sending your prescription earlier, you only have to go to the counter, make payment and receive your medication from the counterperson. The option is a real delight for consumers who are always in a hurry to reach their destination.

Sometimes consumers seek the delivery options. Coping with the today’s trends, CVS online stores ( are accessible through mobile apps. Consumers can download the app and shop online with the help of their cell phone. CVS has now extended to be an online global store. It delivers medicines not only to the American public, but it is also accessible globally and more especially in Canada. After receiving orders for medicines online, CVS Pharmacy personnel ensure the quickest delivery of products to the consumers.

As mentioned earlier, CVS stores have the biggest network in all the US states, so people feel the need to visit a CVS store. If you want to know the exact location of a CVS store near you, you can always visit the official site of the company and here it is what you are seeking. All the states are mentioned on the locator page and you can easily find a particular accessible store near you by following few clicks on the state you are already in. If you want to personally visit the CVS store, you can always check the ‘locator’ on the company’s website to know the exact location to reach there. It’s as simple as a, b, c.

 CVS Pharmacy Healthcare Stepping Ahead of All in Customer Care!

CVS Pharmacy works in the leading position with the healthcare officials. It realizes the overly expensive healthcare services for the common people. After recognizing the worries of the general public for out of the budget or pocket expenses for availing healthcare services across America, CVS store came up with an innovative idea of a relief package for its consumers. Initially, approximately one thousand stores turned into a MinuteClinic for providing clinical facilities to its visiting consumers for common diseases or for timely curable emergency situations.

The extension of CVS Pharmacy store towards health care was considered a welcoming sign from the general public. They love the idea for getting medical or health assistance from an already known and familiar place. No fear factor was involved as apart from the convenience factor that matters the most with the majority of the customers, it was also the availability of the experienced physicians that made the CVS healthcare services more personalized, easier and affordable.

Avoiding the complication, CVC Pharmacy management planned to run MinuteClinic within the stores. They also started Diabetes Care centers within the stores. MinuteClinic® walk-in clinic is complete clinic with the hiring of the relevant staff. CVS Pharmacy has hired nurses, physicians and physicians staffs that are specialized in family health care. The best part of this CVS clinic is that no prior appointments are required. These clinics avoid handling complicated cases and they strictly recommend their consumers to seek the hospital services in case of some severity. They never entertain serious cases or patients for profits. This genuine approach helps them to win the trust from the masses.

The American public can access a MinuteClinic within the CVS Pharmacy if they want the vaccination services for Typhoid, Malaria, Eczema, Minor Psoriasis, and dermatitis or other skin inflammations. Other common vaccinations are also provided for flu, pneumonia, and hepatitis etc. At CVS store, the hired practitioners diagnose the general and common diseases, prescribe medicine and offer treatment on the spot if needed.  Such illnesses include throat ache, redness in the eye, ENT issues and urine infections. Treatments of minor bruises, cuts, injuries, joint pain or strains and skin condition like lice or acne are also available on request.

Lab testing facilities are another option at MinuteClinic, for example, routine lab tests with instant results and consultancy programs for diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure concerns are a norm at these walk-in medical clinics. You can also have health and fitness program for sports or healthy lifestyle. Consultancy program to avoid smoking and to lose weight is also available for visitors. As MinuteClinics aim to avoid medically complicated conditions and cases, they offer medical facilitations to adults and babies above eighteen months of age.

CVS Pharmacy is a vigilant company and it wishes its visitors to gain the maximum benefits out of their visits. So, it is highly recommended to visit the website before making a visit to a nearest CVS pharmacy store to be fully aware of all the benefits, healthcare services and saving packages you can avail at the CVS Pharmacy store. CVS has also given warnings to the patients for never to visit CVS if you have a severe chest pain, difficulty breathing, assumed poisoning and very high fever for more than 24 hours.


Last but not the least!

During the last decade, the company had gone through some court cases for some prescription reading errors by few of its dispensers. So, the number prescriptions, a dispenser can read on daily basis was reduced. As a result, there was a decline in generating revenues in almost every CVS Pharmacy store. That resulted in the annual probable decline in generating revenues. CVS Pharmacy adopted and added Omnicare as a strategy to overcome the loss and they were quite successful in that strategy. During last year, these MinuteClinics also added 15% to the company’s revenues. So, the chances are that more CVS stores will turn into MinuteClinics as only more than one thousand CVS stores are MinuteClinics and almost eight thousand stores are still remaining to turn into a MinuteClinitc too most probably. We are all looking ahead as the future will decide their fate

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