A ‘ Hoverboard’ or commonly known as a self-balancing scooter is the latest worldwide electronic gadget sensation, that is attracting teen and adults attention. It is a portable; battery operated scooter that balances itself. Conveniently chargeable and very stylish.

It typically comprises of two wheels arranged in a side by side order and a two-sided platform type border on which the rider stands. A ‘Hoverboard’ initially was made in later 1960’s, perceived as a battery operated skateboard; later it was remade and gained popularity.

A ‘Hoverboard’ works on an automated electric motor embedded in its wheels and standing platform. The light and speed sensor detects revolutions per minute of the engine and sends a signal to the speed control unit. The user stands on the board using his dominant foot and levels it in the direction where they need to go; it is more like stepping on a stair where one foot is put first and then the other. The inside sensor detects this action and your Hoverboard is ready for a ride.

Hoverboards are fun to use and are becoming youngsters’ sensation these days. They are available in the market as well as many manufacturers are selling their products Online. Buy Hoverboard online; one can get to choose from a vast product range. Also, dealers provide pre and post sales services.

Observing Hoverboards popularity, I decided to try one personally. I went to a local electronic gadget selling store, upon reaching I was fascinated by these cool gadgets appearance and usage. It seems like you are riding the wheels with ease.

Hoverboards launched in the market in 2015, they gained instant fame but had a downfall in popularity when widespread complaints regarding their battery life were received. Luckily, manufacturers are now claiming to have solved these issues.

Hoverboard Pro and Cons:

Hoverboards are fun to ride as you ride them via your foot actions, a slight movement of your foot will give its sensor instruction to change directions. You can ride your scooter on high to low speed as per choice. It is a great gadget to be precise.

As for the battery life, manufacturers have seemed to work on its faulty features. Hoverboards have high-frequency Lithium batteries, and of overcharged or used incorrectly they might catch fire or get burst. The batteries are powerful enough to burn a large house; thus care must be taken to use these.

Overall, Hoverboards are perfect vehicles to be used for personal transport.


Currently, a wide range of Hoverboards is available in market and online. They come with the message of being safe, user-friendly and any issue free. As there is such a vast catalog, let us compare and discuss a few commonly available ones. Choosing the right one will be a difficult task considering the various controversies surrounding them and every manufacturer claiming to have the best one. We are here to your rescue.

Halo Hoverboards :

A halo River Hoverboards is the best one available in the market. Having five-star rating, it is our number one choice. Halo Hoverboard have the maximum speed of 10mph (mile per hour), equipped with Bluetooth capability and a battery life that extends up to 2 hours.
It is stylish in appearance, having high-density aluminum fender wings, big sized tires that work on every kind of terrain, and a capacity to carry 100kg plus weight. It is the cream of its kind. I fell in love its look and features.

Halo Hoverboard comes with the feature of No Fall technology, claiming to have upright and balanced ride everytime it is turned on. It is a superb quality UL2272 Hoverboard. It has high-end features such as Certified Firesafe battery, built-in Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite music while you ride this Magnificient gadget.

Halo Rover has around 8.5 inch wide tires and an efficient motor of 400w, enabling it to travel over any surface and hurdles. Halo also has its app to track its battery life, mileage, location and other useful information which includes a training mode riding session.

Overall, it’s a lovely vehicle with advanced features that serves as a cherry on the cake!

SwagTron Hoverboard:

A SwagTron Hoverboard is the next best alternative Hoverboard in our list. Sleek, stylish and quiet expensive, it holds a position in itself. It comes equipped with LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, additional features that help it to connect with your Smartphone.
SwagTron has a speed of 8.5mph and a good battery life of about 3 hours. Its earlier versions were not Bluetooth compatible whereas the newer ones have advanced connectivity features.

The 300watt motor doesn’t heat up making it safe to use. It has a lightweight shell, rubber bumpers, LED battery indicator and features to sync with the cell phone.

SwagTron has patent SentryShield technology, has good consumer reviews, making it a sensible buy. We like this Hoverboard.

Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard:

As the name suggests its razor sharp, the smartest Hoverboard of all as per the manufacturers claim, yet we don’t say so but not a bad option overall. With a speed of 8mph and a battery life of up to 2 hours, it’s a nice choice.

It has a UL2272 certification making it according to safety standards. It is safe, the battery doesn’t short circuit nor doesn’t catch fire. It has a 350watt motor, efficient and the battery can be renewed as it uses LG batteries.

Razor has its balancing technology making its ride smooth and hurdle free. Has LED battery light indicator, let us say it’s a good, worthy choice, also budget friendly. Good for beginners!

Jetson Hoverboard:

Jetson is our next choice, an excellent choice for newbies. It has finest features; the body is of steel rather than aluminum making it stronger and durable.

Can run up to 10mph with a battery life extending to 2 hours. Jetson has a UL2272 certification. Its software is Android and iOS compatible. Has LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and connectivity that adds extra value to this hoverboard. We like this one!

Street Saw Hoverboard:

We have been saving up for this one, beautiful exterior giving it a very trendy look with big tires and fastest speed of 11mph. Battery last up to 5 hours, comes with Bluetooth compatibility and a wide range of colors to choose. It is available in black, pink and copper shades.

Equipped with front LED lights, battery indicator, and UL2272 certification. It has the highest battery life and precisely a great option.

We now have covered up the most famous Hoverboards in the market, hoping to give you a clear idea on which one to invest as per your requirement. Cheers!


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