An urgency for availing postal services!

Stamps in the US are symbolically more than what you simply require to avail the postal services. Stamps are sniffed and tracked by thousands of stamp collectors across the US and the whole world. For the same reason, publication of stamps has now been an established business for more than one hundred and fifty years. US postal services have prolonged history for maintaining its high standards globally. Many countries have adopted and copied the similar strategies of US postal system and stamp publication at a larger public scale is only one big instance.

When US postal services started collecting huge revenues by selling stamps, it planned to publish special stamps on anniversaries and on all important historical occasions. As a result, the public took immense interest in these stamps and stamp collection became a lucrative hobby. With the passage of time, such stamps of the past became a history and possessing these rare stamps became the newest craze among enthusiasts, who are always busy in stamp collection from all around the world or the US only.

Noticing the public interest and the increasing demand for stamps, the official postal system of the US government and other private courier services continue to issue stamps with the passage of time, which later become the study unit of philately. Stamps ensure pre-payment to deliver the letter to its authentic destination. Stamps are nominally affordable and sometimes their demand is too high especially during some mega event or occasion that the postal system has to announce for the issuance of the same stamps. Apart from revealing the mailing status, these stamps also highlight the country of their origin. Some private mailing and courier services like Fed-ex and the United Parcel service are the contemporary competitors in, around and outside the US.

Following this US trend, now postal services of every country utilize this stamp publication as a strategic planning for collecting revenues. Almost in every country, post offices issue stamps in bulk every year. The paper of stamps is of special quality. Most of the picture of the president or of the national hero is inscribed on the stamps. Stamps on some special occasion contain images relevant to the special event. In 1918, USPS started air mail services and every single letter to be delivered through air mail services, had to have stamps for sure. This also enhances and strengthens the trend of stamps issuance and publication

If you have to post a card or a mail for any purpose you would definitely need a stamp. In the USA, stamps are issued by post offices so, the first easy access to buy stamps must be a post office of that vicinity. After a post office, a Walmart store is the next valid option, which remains open round the clock in the big cities. If a bank is nearby and timing is not a constraint, then you can get the stamps from there. But, the bank would not be able to offer you all the other accessories you may need for availing postal services. Malls, pharmacies, and grocery stores are also a good option to buy stamps, but you are never sure of the stock available or not. Some gas station also offers stamps, but the chances are only rare. Surprisingly, ATM also offers stamps to the public in the USA. Nonetheless only the newly installed ATM’s have this feature and you may get disappointed if you want to buy a stamp from ATM machines which were installed 2 decades earlier. For online enthusiasts, Amazon is one big solution to buy a stamp or a book of stamps depending on the buyer’s choice.

Eyeing into the backdrop!

Trending of Stamps in Present Age!

Postal services in America dates back to 1792. The United State Postal Service (USPS) is unique in its functioning as it offers quality postal services to all of its American citizens at the similar cost. USPS has the largest network of post offices around the world with the maximum number of employees. Postal services were considered heavenly during early colonization as the mailing services were the only possible link or means of communication among scattered family members.

Earlier, receiver of the mail was liable to pay for the delivery of the letter. It was observed at a large scale that receivers were reluctant and they often refused to pay for the mailing services they have already availed in the form of a letter from their near or dear one. This issue became a financial burden on the postal services as such letter was already delivered. To address this grave issue, publication of stamps was the ultimate solution in order to resolve the panic of already delivered unpaid mails. These stamps had to be purchased by the senders and they had to adhere those stamps on their emails. A pasted stamp on a letter or mail only used to make it authentic for delivery. Letters without postal stamps are set aside and never delivered for sure everywhere around the world. The first stamps were published 1847 in the USA.

You might be interested to know about the complete database containing the detailed info and image of all the stamps that are ever published in the US. To satiate this craving of stamp collectors, National Postal Museum has arranged this collection for online easy access. You can browse through this museum database ‘Arago’ and view the whole collection. You can visit stamps of your interest by selecting a particular category. The best part of database access is that you can also get the information of the stamps in detail with reference to their publication. So, if you want to track any stamp, which you found missing from your personal collection, you can scroll through this database and easily track the stamp of your choice.

Discovering how much is a book of stamps!

Buying necessities in stock is a sensible option!

The best part of the stamps is that they never get outdated. Once you have bought them in bulk, you can still use them for more than a year. It has nothing to do with the newly issued stamps. So, many people prefer to buy a postage stamp book for later use. This way, they don’t have to go especially to purchase a stamp, if they want to mail or post some letters or cards. They already have the stock in the form of a book. The stamp books are not really very expensive and their cost is around 10$ most of the time.

Online mailing and payment options have given a big blow to the centuries-old traditions of the postage services. Now companies are diverting their attention towards electronic mails and for this reason, USPS annually faces a budget deficit. For the same reason, USPS announces an increase in the cost of its mailing services including the stamps. So, in Jan 2017, USPS has increased the cost of the stamps by few cents as its set trend.
Buyers never take a very serious notice of this annual hike. More likely, they are habitual of such hikes annually as they themselves expect a possible increase by end of every fiscal year. For the same reason, the decline in the cost of stamps in 2016 was taken as a big surprise and it even it gained the status a historical decline in hundred years.

Knowing how much do stamps cost!

Being up-to-date about the costs is always a benefit!

A single stamp cost is in cents only and there is often an annual increase. Mostly a single piece of the stamp is still available in less than half a single dollar. Last year, 2016 had observed the biggest decline in the cost after 1919. The decline was up to 3 cents for each stamp. USPS is always looking into strategies to overcome its budget deficit issues.

American love to buy stamps and stamps books for their personal interest too. Even if they are not very serious in stamp collection. When they get excited about some big event or occasion, they don’t mind to buy a book of particular stamps, issued on that special occasion. So, the stamp is bought and sold by any buyer generally.

Exploring the themes of USPS Stamps!

Variety and creativity, both never end!

USPS has been issuing stamps for more than one and a half century. Initially, it issued stamps with the image of the president or some of other national Heroes. Later on, US postage system started issuing stamps for several other occasions for example on all the historic days, USPS issues commemorative stamps. On all special days, like Christmas, mothers’ day, fathers’ day, or Valentine day, you can also track the issuance of some special stamps. Sports is one of the most popular themes for the issuance of stamps and everyone loves sports. So, stamps on sports events are sold like hot cakes and there are even complaints that the available stock is short.

Fashion, celebrities, and history are some relevant major themes of USPS stamps. In short, you can have the biggest variety of themes, style, and designs, which are all closely related to the American culture. Some stamps are still conventional and you need to lick them on their back before adhering it to your mail or collection. Luckily, self-adhesive stamps are gaining more popularity among the lot. The weight of the paper also matters. If stamps are weighty, they will be a bit more expensive too.

Looking where I can buy stamps near me!

Prioritizing your options is really an art

It solely depends on where you are in the US. All the probable options, from where one can get an easy access to buy some stamps are already mentioned earlier. You can still check out your probable options. Are you near to Walmart or a post office is nearby around you? If it’s the bright sunny day, the bank is a very good option. If you think, your car needs gas, you can always try your luck for stamps at the gas filling station. If you are familiar with the location, you can always go to the pharmacy to buy some stamps.

If you want to stay in the cozy hotel room, and if you are particularly interested in some particular kind of stamp or if you want to explore your buying choices, visit Arago database and have an idea of all the types of stamps that are available in the USA. After that, you can order your stamps or stamp book on Amazon for quick delivery. Here on Amazon, you can also enjoy some deal offers like 20% or 30% on all the online sales for some particular stamps.

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