It is always a pleasure to throw parties for special occasions. Hosting a get together to meet up with acquaintances and make creating memories is an absolute joy. Spring is the best time to throw a party considering the lovely weather and surroundings. A party can be of any nature ranging from kids get together, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, religious festivals and the list must go on.

We all love to catch up with friends and family, and so it’s important to know the basic requirements, do and don’ts of arranging a party. We are here to give you a complete guide to help you organize a party. We would also be covering up party tents and other necessities to set up a party.

For someone who wants to throw a party, start with considering the nature of the party and how you would like to host it. For a few basic steps:

  1. Make a guest list, decide whom do you want to invite and whom to skip. It will help to know some guests.
  2. Set up party menu as per your party theme and guests’ likeness.
  3. Consider the weather and always check for the weather forecast to have a smooth function.
  4. Select a décor theme, Considering the pointers mentioned above, the most important task is to decide the place for your party, whether you want to have an indoor party in some hall or marquee or you prefer an outdoor party arranged beautifully in the party tent.

While organizing a party in the indoor hall, most of the work is taken care by the management of building and your just have to pay accordingly, whereas, in arranging a party in the tent certain issues need to be catered.


Organizing a party outdoor is always fun as the place is huge, guests feel comfortable, and kids have ample place to play, thus giving elders their well deserved chatting time.

Spring and Summer are the best times to throw a tent party as the weather is favorable be it in sun or moon.

One can have desired, and in a budget menu, décor and also the rental of the place is cheaper than marquee.

You can customize your party as per desire.

Nowadays, heating and cooling systems can be placed inside your party tent conveniently making the interior of tent ideal for long get together.

You can always hire party tents from a friend or can ask for garden or an open place to arrange a party. Trust me; your friends will be more than willing to lend you for free.

Dance floors, stage, variety shows and another entertainment quotient can be incorporated with ease in your party tent

Having a tent wedding is also a growing trend and indeed a mesmerizing experience with nature complementing your special day.

Party setting companies lend party tents on reasonable prices and also give chairs, tables and other supplies on economical rates, thus, setting up a tent party is affordable.


Let us now discuss some Party Tents that are gaining popularity, are widely available. Also, this will help you choose the best one for your party. Tent vendors are always willing to rent their tents but of you are a hardcore fan of throwing parties, investing in a good quality tent is a great option. It is a one-time investment but trusts me you won’t regret buying it. Apart from hosting your parties in them, you can also lend them on rent, *wink* who doesn’t want to earn some money!

Several companies are now functioning online, and via flagship stores, they are making great tents to meet everyone’s needs.

Giantex Heavy Duty Gazebo Canopy 10 x 30:

This one is the most durable, yet expensive party tent. Made of polyethylene; the material is excellent quality and can cater all types of weathers from cold to hot. It sets up fast and easy, has four walls. Perfect for commercial and personal usage. Size is also good enough to adjust a big gathering. It is a long term investment.


Our ratings 4/5.

Palm Springs 10′ x 30′ White Party Tent:


This pick comprises of 4 attachable sidewalls and two solid ones, made of durable polyethylene it is an excellent choice for summer parties as it blocks UV rays providing sun protection as well as keeping the temperature inside tent reasonable. This moderate sized tent can be used for private parties. An only negative factor that makes it less favorable is its assembling difficulty. It has an intricate design!


Ratings 3.5/5.

Quictent 10′ X 30′ Outdoor Tent Gazebo:


This heavy duty canopy is elegant yet stylish, consists of 5 removable attachments. It is made of durable, high-quality polyethylene that provides water and UV protection. Has three ventilation windows to keep temperature moderate. The design is in lengthwise making it perfect for large table settings. Parties and weddings perfect. We like its feature of easy assembling and disassembling, attached with ropes and stakes for better user-friendly usage. We like this one!


Will rate it as 3.5/5.

Outsunny 10′ X 20′ Pop Up Canopy Party Tent :


The Outsunny pop-up canopy is reasonably sized canopy suitable for small private gatherings. Simple in design with the high-quality rust-resistant structure it is a nice choice for restricted budget investment. Easy to put and disassemble. This one is a simple tent. However, new walls and windows can be purchased.


We will rate this as 3/5.

EZ Pop Up Wedding Party Tent:


This small 10 x 10 size small party tents is ideal for small gardens and gatherings. As the name suggests it is super easy to assemble, takes hardly a few minutes to put up. Water and UV protected polyethylene material. Poles have secure heavy duty connectors.

Affordable and portable.


2.5/5 ratings.

ProSource Easy Pop Up Tent Instant Canopy:


Instant pop up canopy, effortless in design with four pillars and roof. Straight leg design, water, and sun resistant polyethylene. Perfect for bar.b.q and recreational activities. We like this for its simplicity.


4/5 as per our ratings.

AmazonBasic Pop-Up Canopy Tent:


This one has steel framework and removable sides, can be covered from 4 sides, or you can set it up as per requirement. Has strong body and a wheeled bag for keep and transporting the tent after use. High-quality material is utilized in this tent, ideal for all sorts of purposes can use for camping and parties. A one-time great buy.


We rate this as 4.5/5. Our favorite!



Now, comes the turn of heavy duty large sized Party tents. They are ideal for big gatherings, birthdays and wedding functions. Could be used for multiple purposes. Expensive yet good for multi-tasking. Let us now cover features of our favorite ones available Online and in the market.

Delta Canopies 32′ x 16′ Wedding Party Tent:


Delta canopy is perfect for large gatherings, measuring 32 x 16 inches it lets incorporate all types of table settings, décor, stage and other party accessories. Made up of steel and durable polyethylene it is heat and water resistant has three sides walls and huge windows. Easy storage as it comes with four bags to keep the tent in after use. It is a significant investment roughly around $500, but if used frequently gives value for money. Suitable for commercial and personal use.


We rate this 4/5.

Abba Patio 10×20 ft Heavy Duty Outdoor Party Tent:


This one is of heavy duty steel body; triples layer heat and water resistant. Made up of best quality polyethylene, is simple in design with no windows and walls, yet the structure is stable. The frame is rust and chipping resistant. Easy to assemble and store, it comes with storage bags as well as a complete user manual to use the tent. An actually well-built tent.

We rate it as 4/5!

Outsunny 32′ by 20′ Heavy Duty Outdoor Party Tent:


Outsunny heavy duty outdoor tent is the largest one in our list. It has double sided windows on walls, zippered front, and a back wall. Made up of durable polyethylene fiber, it has all the features of smaller tents of this version, Ideal for closed parties, picnics, weddings and various other functions. Can be used commercially in a better way providing money back benefits. The owner can also rent them to earn extra bucks. Has good ventilation, has a steel body. It is a massive investment of around $1000, but it can serve multiple purposes.

We rate it as 4.5/5!


The most important thing to look for while purchasing a party tent is its durability. The body should be strong enough to serve value for money. Always keep in mind how you want to use your tent, if you want to use it for private settings, buying a smaller tent is better. Consider your budget when shopping for tents! Happy shopping!


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