Saddle baby- Our freedom to enjoy life more intimately with our toddlers.

I am Jennifer. I live with my husband Bill and two kids in a small apartment in LA. I have never looked at parenting with ease. It always seems to me more challenging. I feel always accountable to justify with my responsibilities towards my both the kids. Jack is four and Mary is only 1.6 years old. I do the job of a representative in a company and I have to organize important meetings and manage business activities with clients. My weekends are free and I buy the grocery more often during weekends.  Bill is such a helpful hand and he ensures to makes things done quickly for our comfort.

We were living quite a happy life before the arrival of Mary. Jack was a friendly, active and full of life baby and we used to enjoy an evening out by carrying jack in our arms more frequently. We used to take turns as it often becomes difficult to manage the baby in hands along with carrying few shoppers from the grocery store. Sometimes we used to get extremely tired after shopping. I had often sought the services of babysitters to make Jack stay at home and to buy grocery items or do some important outdoor activities without getting annoyed by Jack’s presence.

Mary doubled my responsibilities. Initial eight months were not that bothersome. The real problem started when Mary started crawling. I often had to cancel outdoor family activities. I got exhausted only by thinking to handle both the kids in hands while walking out door. Jack was not very much willing to walk when we used to do shopping or only walking on the pavements. He still feels more comfortable in the arms of Bill. I desperately wanted to continue with my eating out and shopping routine. Once I was discussing the issue with my colleague and she recommended me to use Saddle baby carrier.

She asked me to search for the URL and there I got my solution. I got excited by reviewing the website and I shared it with Bill. We both ordered one online.  We got our sample within one week time. It was  a new, patented and amazing product. It enables us to carry one of our kids safely on our shoulders.  We ordered the second one. Now Jack is on Bill’s shoulders and Mary sits on my shoulder. Mary becomes extremely excited whenever we take her out on her saddle baby carrier. She enjoys traffic, birds, tress and everything that comes into her notice. The seat is foamy and Mary easily fixes in it. No fear factor regarding falling is involved. It is entirely secured with adjustable buckles and hook-and-loop fasteners.  Her ankles are wrapped within high quality materials like Dynatec Nylon that give her complete safety. She often claps a lot and gets highly excited of her early years’ outdoor experiences.

Last month I and bill took our kids to Disney world. We spend the whole weekend there. It was great fun. We enjoyed ice cream cones and hams while our kids were both comfortably sitting on our shoulders with the support of an adjustable chest belt. Thanks to Saddle baby! Our weekend adventure turned out to be just an awesome experience. The video and pictures we have seized in our camera will remind us always of our memorable family trip. Now we have no worries to go to any festival or marketplace. Our evening hang outs have again been started.  Jack is going to be five soon. Jack can enjoy Saddle baby ride for one more year, while Mary is left with more than 3 years duration to have endless fondling experiences with her joyful rides. Saddle baby toddler carriers are best recommended for babies under the age of 2-5.

I ordered Uni model of Saddle baby carrier. It has removable and adjustable cuffs to hold ankles of Mary comfortably well. She never complained me of any itching. I have never observed any rashes on her bare ankle especially during summers. The foam is ergonomic. It is an accessory that can easily be attached with any back pack. I have taken care of it very dearly. I have followed all the given instruction with care. Don’ts include never ironing, bleaching, and tumbling dry or dry cleaning.  I have only washed it once since I had bought it last year. Mary vomited on it and I had to machine wash it on gentle cycle only. It still looks as if it is newly bought. The good thing is about its warranty. I and Bill have ordered both of our Saddle baby Carriers from an authorized online store. By so far, we have never experienced any complaints for our product.

Our children are too young to realize the practicality of Saddle baby for closely connecting us with our kids. But I and Bill value the splendid quality and quantity time together as a family. I am bit bulky but Bill is slim. I had doubts that chest belt will not be so accurate of my size. But it fits as if it is specially designed for me. Its straps are adjustable according to the torso sizes. Its nylon webbing and fabrics on belts and straps keep us comfortable. Its above-the-line technology lets the child to sit securely without any back support. It is solely promising for the safety of Jack and Mary and other such thousands of kids. They enjoy safety rides on their parents’ shoulders. It is easy to be worn. I take bit more time than Bill. Bill is very quick at wearing it.

Whenever we are out, we find people having difficulty in managing their kids, very similar to our previous experiences. They rush towards us by seeing our convenience. They enquire us about the product. Bill often removes Jack and demonstrates the usability of the saddle in front of the worried parents. I often suggest them to watch their online video. They have another option to read the manual online. It will add more to develop their trust for the baby carrier. They note down the URL, thank us and leave.

The product is a true and practical solution for many parents. They have adopted strategies to guide the parents superbly about its effectiveness. They encourage the parents and viewers to submit complain. This proves the product as genuine. Saddle baby carrier is an international product and it can be ordered online from the United States, European Union and China. Noticing the diversity in the distribution and popularity of the product, many fake competitors are also available online to snatch these opportunities. Saddlebaby and other reliable companies publish warnings for their valued customers to avoid approaching unauthorized retailors. They would not only miss a quality product, but they would also get trapped by losing their money on a substandard product.

I got inspired to know that the product is a brain child of a real parent. Its truest essence is its real impact for bonding us in true relationships. That parent has sorted the real solution for many other parents, especially in case of leaving the kids behind at home for long hours. Saddle baby carrier is a gift in itself. Every parent with toddlers can have one for going outdoor ‘anytime, anywhere and everywhere! They are absolutely right in their claim. I and my husband have become a part of Saddle baby carrier family. Are you?


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